I Am Unapologetic Lyrics Sung By Polo G & NLE Choppa Is The Latest Hindi Song With Music Given By Polo G & NLE Choppa. Unapologetic Lyrics Is Written By Smatt Sertified, Southside, NLE Choppa. This Song Has Been Officially Published On Polo G Youtube Channel.

I Am Unapologetic Lyrics

Lyrics In English

Uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh, mmm
Southside on the track
Uh, uh, uh

Prada steppin’, in your club, we got a lot of weapons
Yeah, bitch, I know that I’m the shit, I’m unapologetic
My steppers marchin’ like a band, they hit your block and wet it
Hell nah, we ain’t playin’, you better call the reverend
I was taught to drop a opp before I go and drop a diss (Drop a diss)
Won’t apologize about that lick, tell him come get his shit (Come get your shit)
Brand new bitch with brand new tits, her ass thicker than Jiffy mix
Don’t fuck with no set-up, bitch, you play
I smack you with this blick (Brr, brr, brr)

Pass the Glock, a give and go (Give and go), shoot it with me when I blow (When I blow)
At your top, we hit your throat, I call that hangin’ from a ropе
Niggas know how I be gettin’ too wicked, two tittiеs on semis
My glizzies got jimmies, no jammin’, knock the jelly out
bitch (Brr, brr, brr-brr, brr-brr, brr-brr)
Boy, you got me fucked up (You got me fucked up)
Bitch, you know you lucked up (You know you lucked up)
Caught him out in traffic (Come here, boy), hit the car but he ducked up
A goose better get loose
Shooters comin’ after you and all of your troops (All of your troops)
What you gonna do when this fire get to lettin’ loose?
(When that thing get to lettin’ loose, brr)
Lock him in the trunk (In the trunk)
Take the emergency exit off so he can’t run (Ayy, he can’t run from us)
Doin’ donuts, havin’ fun (Ayy, havin’ fun)
This his last ride before he meet my fuckin’ gun
nigga (Come here, come here, brr)

Unapologetic Song Credits

SingerPolo G & NLE Choppa
MusicPolo G & NLE Choppa
LyricsSmatt Sertified, Southside, NLE Choppa
LablePolo G

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Who Wrote The Lyrics Of The “Unapologetic” Song?
Smatt Sertified, Southside, NLE Choppa Has Written The Lyrics Of “Unapologetic”.

Who Is The Singer Of “Unapologetic” Song?
Unapologetic Have Sung The Song “Unapologetic”.