THC CYPHER (Freeverse 2021) DOPEADELICZ Lyrics – Emiway Bantai

THC CYPHER Lyrics Song Sung By Emiway Bantai,Stony Psyko,Dope Daddy,Minta,Meme Machine,Hellac Are the latest Rap Song With Music Given By Flamboy. THC CYPHER (Freeverse 2021) DOPEADELICZ Song Lyrics Are Written By Emiway Bantai,Stony Psyko,Dope Daddy,Minta,Meme Machine,Hellac While Video Is Directed By Shubham Dolas. This Song Has Been Officially Published On Bantai Records Youtube Channel.

THC CYPHER (Freeverse 2021) DOPEADELICZ Lyrics

THC CYPHER Lyrics – Emiway Bantai

What is up
What is up
Kya bol rahe sab log
Kya chalu hai
Emiway bantai
Maloom hai na

Thc cypher
Bantai records


Freeverse 2021

Taiyaar hai ki nahi public!

I didn’t do phd but listen to my prophecy
Everything stony touches turns into a masterpiece
Listen my lyrics and do the research
All the haters who messed with me now rest in peace

We takin over like khaled
Dont bring your fake talks to my table
I heard your songs and now my ears bleeding
You told the people to scream and no one even whispered
You’ll faint the day you’ll come to my show

Freeverse sequal
Bars are too fatal
Get your security if you wanna play safer
Danger zone, if you are afraid, go back home
Winters coming freezing flow
Smoking like im in colorado

Better know it, better understand it, put it in your head
Dropping different types of songs and take away the show
Make the people go crazy, we dont need luck to do this
You awakend the sleeping lion in me
You bought up unnecessary problems to the table
There is no space to talk about peace now
All this childish behaviour ain’t gonna work with me

All those people who laughed at us
insulted us now zipped their mouth
We grew up with our own talent not with the help of money
Go tell em we’re back like kabali,
All the way up ain’t nobody can bring us down

Even if you take avatars you can’t destruct me,
You cannot control me with your magic and tricks,
I don’t know whats mercy after getting into the game,
Don’t put your legs in without knowing the depth
you may lose your life

We break the rules and we bringing the change man
Revolutionary mind with the game plan
Me and you we not the same bro
Im high as a eagle and you just a scarecrow

Livin like rockstar
Did a flick with da superstar
Never thought I would get this far
Hard work makes it possible
Still grindin didnt take a pause
Saved the game like autobots
Sign turned into autograph
Now they wanna click a photograph

Leke maathe chale maut
Tere to delicate zone
Delicate song
Sunenge langenge bomb
Rehte hai pehle se strom
Pehle se strong
Bombay khoon apna
Tera toh delhi ka zone
Likhne nahi ho raha toh
Lele mere loan
H E double L A C
Apan shot deta sar pe
Ye nakali rappers aake dete
Raag duniya bhar ke
Machaate hue dikhate
Hum bande hai sadak ke
Ye Bumrah hum Yuvraj
6 ball pe 6 chhake

Jidhar khot nazar aaye
Waise shot mein main ghusta nai
Bachkana rona nahi
Bhaav teri bachkani

Rap game mein uncle log
Swaging pe jachta nai
Banta tu Baazirao
Gaayab hai masstani
Sasta nai tere jaisa main
Meherbani mat kar
Bantai ki public se chhedkhani mat kar
Kiya toh phir
Dikhega pura parinaam
Sadak ke saare pareshan
Aaye kidhar se ye
City ka naam Kalyan

Daaru peeke tight
Ghar pe aake de gaali
Maar itna zor se ki
Sune puri chaali
Suit mein aaya business
Karne wala mawaali
Zeb puri bhar li
Par tera dimag khali
Bibi ko chhod ke
Line maare saali pe
Tu hi asli mard hai
Issi baat pe taali de
Thaali de
Tere ghar pe khaana nahi
Chal diye jo ik baar
Phir waapas aana nahi

Bahar fattu
Ghar pe bana phire tees maar
Nawabi shaunk aur salary hai 20k
Armaani khwaab kare pop phir ye saari raat
Manga li chaai dil mein lagegi ye khaari baat
Saari raat apan studio mein
Dhyaan mera kaam pe na hi kudiyo pe
Taapu head le raha hai gudiyo se
Umh umh sab record ho raha video pe

Me marathi rapper lyrical magician
No one can do what I do
Your ll get stoned after hearing thc cypher
Minta thats my name now get your ass off
I take shots on the right time let it be whosever
Now a days m getting bored of this fake disses
Artist in the industry are all honest but

The company owners are doing some robbery in business
Ministers here are the ones who haven’t passed primary schools
All the black money is in side white clothes
Why to have politics on religious grounds ?

And this news channel show spicy content
We used to have jams tea stalls
Fans came antophill to meet us
Did hardwork never just planned
Had a vision in my mind I ll only speak facts
I m surrounded with all selfmade homies
And your gang members keeps changing
This song ll is direct hit on your face
Bantai ki public we straight on the face

Koi jode haath
Koi khole haath
Koi tode haath
Koi chhode saath
Koi bole baat
Koi tole maal
Koi sote na
Koi dhote paap
Koi pahuche last
Koi dhokebaaz
Koi roke bahar
Koi pochhe aakh
Koi chhote kaam
Koi mote saand
Some are scared
Some hold breath
Some break glass
Some friends are hard
Some are smart
Some are problems
Some get passed
Some getbags together
Some open heart
Some open secrets

I was flying business class emirates when is was 24
And these other guys where playing in their gully
I m sending gifts to my parents now I m 25
And they were spending there dads money

Same real friends
Same true memories
Only the ones stays
Only the real stays

Never flipped side
Stains aint good
Never forgive them
Count every move
No light bars
Bury them right here

Westcoast city don’t tremble when you her the code
Storytelling about my hood thru rap

Our culture grew in the journey of music
You know what, we made it to the top

My growth is like the buildings of dubai
Everyday happiness, we create records

North, east, south, west if we all come together
Ain’t nobody can stop us

You thought it was an illegal land
But now when say dharavi you hear hip hop beats banging

It was all different in the past but
Now its top notch, cuz its our time

This is not fire in the booth, it fire in the streets
You will automatically burn into ashes if you fronting us

This is not gang, this is fam, don’t make any assumptions
You can go ask people who we are in this mumbai city

You’ll get tripped out when you hear it
If you blaze my joint you’ll get super stoned

Daddy style, game level up
2021 mapul wait and watch the trip

Taking different avatars and writing new history
Our army always looks different from others

Taking different avatars and writing new history
Our army always looks different from others

Bantai and mapul we they get together music blast like nuclear
Why you want problems brother
listen to mapul be free and don’t bother

Haa, one way, my way, run way
Alotta people returned back and went home

You all are just running in circles
If you dare then step into this game

All my homies are too close
We create big scene in all the states

Do not bring unwanted problems to me
We won’t just kill the beat but also kill you

Mapulz in the city on a different level
Put your hands in the air, people’s power

You can keep your foolish talks and fake flex with you
Tell him mapulz are here he’ll shut the fk up and get the fk out.

Emiway bantai

Y’all already know

Broke the ones I had to

Left the ones who had to be left

I got a track out

And you quit rapping

Come I’ll fix you

Break you ,smash you

Representing indian hip hop with my pin code

37 it is

What’s yours and mine ?

You’ve come in this world for free

Will you take money to die ?

What’s expensive when dreams come true ,

Will you stay where there is garbage at your doorstep ?

They haven’t seen anything yet

They’re misguided by others

Thrown out so many songs ,that’s why we sitting here

You keep sitting!

Keep taking from your end

I’ll keep giving from my end

Keep taking from your end

7 year in the game

Never missed my aim

These rappers are too much entertainment

Come I’ll give you some training

Songs after song every season it’s raining

They scared cause the main thing is emiway has come in the scene late

Yet the whole scene’s in my hand

Their word don’t have the strength to

Get more views than me

So many rappers like you standing outside my door

Asking for fame

Earn your own respect

Why you playing lame

I am like brock lesener

Here comes the pain

We say it with pride that we here on our own

If you mess with us

Then we’ll make you run like dog

The public knows we’re at what level

Ms dhoni wicket keeping

Straight stump out !

Pumped up body

Only lean

Friends that became brothers

This is a team of brothers

You’re dialogues are tough to understand

Our talks are straightforward,

Keep walking you weak a##

Our nights are romantic

Ask your chick / shawty

I ain’t saying nothing

Thc cypher


Bantai records

Y’all already know
Maalum hai naaa

Kya bolte ?
What’s up

Ek number
Shout out to everyone
Bhot bhaari
Peace out

THC CYPHER Song Credits –

Singer: Emiway Bantai,Stony Psyko,Dope Daddy,Minta,Meme Machine,Hellac
Music: Flamboy
Director: Deepesh Goyal
Lyrics: Emiway Bantai,Stony Psyko,Dope Daddy,Minta,Meme Machine,Hellac
Lable: Bantai Records